National Bureau of Statistics Community


This is a project geared at ensuring every Nigerian Youth begins to grow a love and respect for information and is able to consciously source data before using it.

This project will be implemented over a period of time to be communicated over the months and which we will require everyone’s help to accomplish.

Why do we need to know before we make a decision?

Stay with us on this blog and we will together ensure every young person FINDs.

Thank you


Comments on: "F.I.N.D – Finding Information Needed in Data" (13)

  1. I have been searching for public spending on education in more recent years (2005 to date) could you please provide a link thank you

  2. Popoola adewale T said:

    Searching for a bulletin “Review of Nigeria Economy 1970-19Searching for a bulletin “Review of Nigeria Economy 1970-19Searching for a bulletin “Review of Nigeria Economy 1970-19Searching for a bulletin “Review of Nigeria Economy 1970-1998”

  3. Wubetwe Fittoka said:

    I commend the federal government of Nigeria for restrategizing the statistic bereau in the country, please the NBS should work in close collaboration with CBN and other relevant agencies in harmonizing data. We do not always have accurate data due to disparity in figures. May God give the management of NBS more wisdom as they set to go on with this noble task as a service to our country

  4. Need a data on primary school enrolment in nigeria from 1970-2010

  5. Samuel Yunisa said:

    May i request with due respect to d custudiance of this site 2 feed me with the monetary policy as relate to balance of payment in nigeria from year 2000 to 2010

  6. Please could you help me with the site to find statistical records of secondary schools in Enugu State and there number of teachers according to the 17 LGAs between 2004-2010

  7. pls number of unemployment rate in oyo state

  8. dama francis said:

    i need data.

  9. japhet y ishaku said:

    i love this work an am somuch impress in this site plz kepitup. we are just studient we are amature under statistics but we will soon be robing mind together.i pray may people undastand who we are an what we japhet y ishaku popularly none as young.

  10. ariyo foluke said:

    Pleas I need data on economic growth,real interest rate,real exchange rate and money Supply from 1980-2013.

  11. olalekanl lawrence said:

    please I need the statistical analysis of auto accidents in ekiti and ondo state Nigeria for the year 2012,2013,2014

  12. Ayejusunle Vincent said:

    pls kindly help, I need the quatitative contribution of sports to Nigeria gdp,2011 to 2015.

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