National Bureau of Statistics Community

Welcome to our Arena!

This is the community page for The National Bureau of Statistics Nigeria.

National Bureau of Statistics provides comprehensive, timely, relevant, responsive and customer focused Statistical Information relating to the social and economic activities as well as conditions of the inhabitants of Nigeria. Vigorously collaborate with all the tiers of Government and their agencies in the production of administrative statistics; coordinate statistical orderliness; and promote general use of statistical standards.

In this community, we get to share on various headers and at the end of the day, build great advocates of statistics and every member of this arena will be a walking world of correct DATA.

Please feel free to give an opinion on anything when you are here as you also add to our wealth of information. We cannot say this enough but we will do that one more time…..



Comments on: "Welcome to our Arena!" (2)

  1. Ezekiel Bala said:

    Statistics is a powerful tool in the development of any economy. With adequate investment in statistics Nigeria would be a force to reckon with.

  2. Christian said:

    Good thinking! This page need to be lively and engaging and someone should drive it.

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